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As the global Aerospace industry is expanding its wing with the larger requirement/investment in both the civil and defense areas, requirement have arise by the OEM's and the equipment manufacture for the maintenance, repair and overhaul service providers. With Infotech-HAL engineering/software solution for aerospace, we can help you sustain competitive advantage long-term revenue advantage, customer oriented quality products within the time and budget.

We here at Infotech-HAL have a large and talented workforce, with the right mix of domain experts, functional and technical engineers. These professional optimize MRO solutions to help integrate business process across the entire organization ensuring the best use of resources.

MRO Focus

  • Implementation/support of the software for scheduling Maintenance and Overhaul.
  • Creating new repair procedure for engine/airframe component beyond the repair manual.
  • Creating repair procedure for new aircraft program and engine program.
  • Check/update for repair applicability of existing/new part numbers.
  • Create reports for damaged parts so that solutions can be found for its faster return to the service.
  • Analyze damage tolerance and the stress for the critical flight safety parts and
  • Manage design changes or modification to the parts/component experiencing repetitive failure in service/operation.
  • We provide digitize product documentation.
  • Engineering and post design support for engine test bed and tooling system.

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