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Manufacturing Engineering

The success of IHL team has been built upon the unique ability to provide customer focused total manufacturing solutions. These solutions go beyond high quality manufacturing to continually improve our supply chain. Our professional procurement expert seamlessly integrate with existing approved suppliers to consolidate the global demands to maximize buying power. Furthermore our technical procurement expertise and technical understanding allow us to work on behalf of customer to source best fit manufacturing solutions at a competitive price.

IHL Provides manufacturing support in the following areas;

  • Manufacturing Sourcing and Program Management.
  • Manufacturing Engineering Support
  • Manufacturing / Operations Management
  • Quality Management and Training

Manufacturing Sourcing and Program Management

IHL undertake manufacturing work packages related to Mechanical, Electronics, Electro-Mechanical and Electrical (Metallic and Composites) Parts/ Sub Assemblies and tooling for Aero-Engine, Airframe, Interiors, Avionics Etc. in Aerospace and Defense requirements. We help in reducing cost of procuring components and ensure on time delivery. Our domain experts has in-depth understanding of local sources, ability to co-ordinate with vendors providing specialized services and capable to handle multiple vendors in minimizing customer efforts.

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IHL supports customers in providing manufacturing program management from receipt of drawing to delivery of hardware, including production and re-certification with minimum involvement of customer resources and act as a customer representative to the vendors in India.

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Manufacturing Engineering Support

  • Process Planning and preparation of operation sheets.
  • Tool Design and Development
  • Cutting Tools selection and Design of special cutting tools
  • NC Part Programming and Verification
  • NC Post processor development
  • Facilitate in Part Prove out
  • Manufacturing Documentation and Traceability
  • Manufacturing cost and time studies
  • Value Engineering
  • Sub-module, sub-system level support
  • Configuration Management Team

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Manufacturing / Operations Management

  • Vendor Assessment, Rating, Development & Database creation
  • Facilitating Transfer of Technology for Parts Transition
  • Mapping of Vendor's capabilities
  • Materials Requirement Planning & optimization of raw material sizes
  • Production Planning and Control in India
  • Inventory Management in India and Logistics Support
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Special processes development support
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning and Capacity Planning

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Quality Management and Training

  • Physical part quality inspection and qualification.
  • Creation of Inspection reports (First Article, Last Article etc)
  • Process Audits, Quality Audits and Process / Tool certification at Vendor's site
  • Quality Plan with Passport System and Standards creation
  • Quality systems training and implementation
  • Vendor Training
  • Facilitating in Material characterization and Material Coupon tests

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